Over the years the focus of the Clearing and Forwarding Agents seem to have changed, resulting in the Cleaning and Forwarding Agents Services being seen more and more as that of a Secondary Bank. Due to the competitive market trends and reduced profit margins, Clearing and Forwarding Agents are taking a hard line in negotiations and seem to be focusing on their more profitable services. Resulting in the reduction of staff in certain areas and the time spent per file (shipment).

Active Freight Solutions has been formed to bridge an ever-widening gap in the Market Place between the Client (Consignee) and the Forwarding and Clearing Agents. Our objective is to evaluate the potential Clients shipping requirements and match it to that of a Clearing and Forwarding agent who would best fulfill their Needs and Expectations.

We are an experience-based, hands-on consulting business in the Freight Services with World-Wide Networks / Overseas, Negotiating Rates – Agents and carriers, Evaluate and Measure – Market Related Rates and Break-Even Points, Commercial / Purchase Terms – Negotiated and Correctly Applied, Pre-Alerts, Pre-Clearances, Auditing Invoices, and Trouble Shooting.

We form a Strategic Partnership with the Client and to function as an extension to their Business. Assisting with the Formulation and Implementation of SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) / SOP’s (Standard Operational Procedures) and Overseeing the Co-ordination of the Complete Cargo Movement. Ultimately resulting in increased Productivity with regards to the Existing Personnel by allowing them more time to focus and concentrate on their core functions.

wood-boxActive Freight Solutions is contracted to a number of Preferred Service Providers and negotiates with Top Management, based on a number of Existing and Continual Client Base without any of the direct cost implications. The Clearing and Forwarding Agents are finding this to be a more Viable and Productive relationship, allowing for a better rate structure.

Active Freight Solutions is an emerging business closing the empowerment gaps as it relates to SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprise). Affiliated to organizations dealing with both BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) and WEE (Women Economic Empowerment.)

Applications as a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment owned and Engendered Enterprise is being compiled and submitted. Once accredited by Empowerdex Clients would then be able to contribute to their Score Cards Status.