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16747831_largeOutline of air waybills and their use.
An air waybill is used for air transport and is documentary evidence of the conclusion of a contract for carriage. It serves as:

  • Proof of receipt of the goods for shipment
  • An invoice for the freight
  • A certificate of insurance
  • A guide to airline staff for the handling, dispatch and delivery of the consignment

Usually, the document consists of three originals and nine copies. The first original is intended for the carrier and is signed by a export agent; the second original, the consignee’s copy, is signed by an export agent and accompanies the goods; the third original is signed by the carrier and is handed to the export agent as a receipt for the goods after they have been accepted for carriage.

Shipping Estimate- A guide for Wholesalers and Importers
How the shipping charges are estimated and the volumetric weight is taken into consideration for Mobile Phone Shipments – a study

Shipping Charges Estimate of Mobile Phones for Wholesales Importers

Points to Note:
The shipping charges are based on two criteria:-

  1. Weight of the shipment – in Kilograms
  2. Volumetric weight ( LX WX H / 6000 ) M3

The greater of the above two shall be taken by the Airlines to work out the shipping cost.

The estimate of Volumetric weight VS Actual Weight

A box weighs 20 Kg and it’s dimensions are 80*55*45 cms. Its chargable weight shall be =80*55*45/6000=33 Kg and the airline will charge for 33 Kg and not 20Kg since the Airlines shall take the higher of the two.

The Chargeable Componenents in Air Cargo are basically comprising of the following elements, namely:-

  • Inland Pick Up Export/ Customs declaration & attendance Cartage
  • Freight Airport Transfer and Handling
  • If required Fuel and Security Surcharges & War Risk Premium

The different Slabs of tariffs are applied by the Airline according to the weight
+45 Kg , +100kg , +500kg , +1000 Kg